Overview of the GUI Console

This guide tells you how to manage and use the CRX repository through the Web-based tools.

CRX Launchpad

CRX Launchpad is an enhanced welcome screen and repository dashboard, providing access to the most frequently used repository functions. Additionally, it enables users to work with the repository content directly from desktop via WebDAV integration and to find content easily through search screen.

To access the CRX Launchpad, type the path you specified when installing CRX, such as:


If the CRX Launchpad is not running, the repository can be accessed and managed via the CRX main console. See CRX Main Console.

From the CRX Launchpad, you can perform a number of activities, including using your content, developing with CRX, and managing the content repository.
Develop applications with web-based IDE.
Package Manager
Package applications for deployment.
Package Share Share packages with team or community.
Online Backup
Create online backup of your repository.
Users Manage your users.
Groups Manage your groups.
Node Types
Manage node types and namespaces.
Clustering Manage clustered deployment.

Searching Repository Content

To search for content stored within the repository:

  1. In the CRX Launchpad, click Quick Guides and Examples then Search the CRX Repository. The search page will open.
  2. Type a query and click Search. CRX returns any relevant content from the repository with the search terms highlighted.

This search screen supports searching inside the files stored in the repository. The most common file formats are supported (depending on repository indexing configuration). The full JCR search features are available in the Search window in the Content Explorer.


If CRX does not return excerpts or highlight search terms, these features have not been enabled. See Excerpt Creation and Highlighting.


Populating the Repository with Content

You can populate the repository with content by using a webloader service that takes your keywords and specifications and runs a Google query based on those keywords and loads the resulting documents in the CRX repository.

This feature can be useful for, for example, testing purposes, or while evaluating the repository to populate it with sample content quickly.

To populate the CRX repository using the web loader:

  1. In the CRX Launchpad, click Quick Guides and Examples.
  2. Click Populate the CRX repository.
  3. Type a web query that the webloader service should use to find relevant documents.
  4. By default, CRX has the storage path, maximum number of retrieved documents, maximum document size, and file types defined. You can modify any of these.
  5. Click Get documents from the Web. CRX retrieves the documents and stores them in the specified location.

CRX Main Console

The CRX main console is a Web-based administration tool where you manage the repository. This is very useful if you have just started developing with CRX and you need to check whether your code does what you expect it to.

To access the CRX main console, in the CRX Launchpad, click Manage repository. The main console opens. Or you can type the administration path that you have specified when installing CRX. Typical paths are as follows:


The repository Manager console offers the following tools:

Content Explorer Browse the content of the CRX repository. The Content Explorer works like the Windows explorer, except that it offers much more detailed information.
Node Type Administration Administer the types of nodes used in the repository. The node type defines which properties and child nodes a node can have, and it specifies the node's behavior.
Package Manager, Package Share
Upload, edit and share packages.
User Administration, Group Administration Administer the user and group accounts, together with the related access policies.
CRXDE Lite Access the embedded development environment.
Content Loader Upload an XML document into the CRX repository.
Content Zipper Save part of the repository as an XML or ZIP file.
Repository Configuration Read the repository configuration information. Also access tools, including workspace administration, garbage collection, optimization, and diagnostics.

In addition to the management tools, the console offers the following functions:

CRX Download A download page for CRX-related software.
CRX Mailing list Join the CRX forum and mailing list.
OEM Partner Program Click to send an email message if you have any questions about OEM tools or contracts, or if you are interested in integrating CRX into your application.
JSR-283 Spec The JSR-283 specification contains everything you need to know about programming the CRX repository.
JSR-283 comment Send a comment about JSR-283 to the developers of the JSR-283 standard. Use this address for discussion of the standard only, and not for questions about CRX, Jackrabbit, or other implementations of the standard.

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