Provides detailed information and procedures for the efficient handling of content, including replicating, tagging, using content tools, and importing/exporting content.

Covers how to manage users and groups in order to provide them with the appropriate rights necessary to perform various functions.

Workflows control a series of actions on pages or digital assets that support any editorial process. Using the visual drag-and-drop workflow designer, you can easily define workflows, be they simple or advanced.

The social collaboration tools offer extended user profiles, blogs, and calendars that are fully integrated into the Web Content Management platform.

Personalization provides your users with a customized environment that displays dynamic content selected according to their specific needs.

Multi-Site Management handles multilingual and multinational content, helping your company balance centralized branding with localized content.

Analytics form the basis for gaining insights into how your website is being used by visitors and therefore, how it is serving your business.

As all information is already resident within the repository, many reports can be generated. Default reports are provided, customized reports can easily be developed.

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