Connecting CQ with Adobe Test&Target

As part of the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, Test&Target lets you increase content relevance through targeting and measuring across all channels.

Connecting CQ with Test&Target allows you to do the following:

  • Create Test&Target mboxes out of CQ.
  • Submit Clickstream Cloud variables when requesting mbox content.

Activating Test&Target Analytics Modules

To activate the Test&Target Analytics Module:


The configuration for the Test&Target analytics modules always applies to the selected page and all its child pages.

  1. Select Page Properties for the page where you want to enable the Test&Target module.

  2. Select the Analytics tab.

  3. Enable the Test&Target module by selecting the check box.

  4. Enter the Server Domain and the Client Code for your Test&Target account.


    You can get these values from the mbox.js - edit page in the Test&Target configuration menu.

  5. Click OK to save the configuration.

Adding an mbox to a CQ Page


Make sure that you have the Test&Target module activated for the page where you want to add an mbox.

On first use only:

  1. Click the Design icon in the sidekick to open the selected page in Design mode.

  2. Edit the component where you want to allow mboxes, for example par.

  3. Search for the Personalization group and select the Test&Target MBox check box.

  4. Click OK.

To add an mbox to a CQ page:

  1. Open the page in Edit mode.

  2. Drag an mbox onto the page or insert the Mbox component.

  3. Open the Edit window for the mbox to set a name. Otherwise, a system-generated name is used.

  4. (Optional) Add Clicksteam Cloud variables as parameters to this mbox.

  5. Submit the dialog and reload the page. Open the configuration menu in Test&Target to see a list of your mboxes. Verify that your mbox has been added.

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