E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing (for example, newsletters) are an important part of any marketing campaign as you use them to push content to your leads. In CQ, you can create newsletters from existing CQ content as well as add new content, specific to the newsletters.

Once created, you can send newsletters to targeted segments or specific groups of users either immediately or at another scheduled time (through the use of a workflow). In addition, users can subscribe to newsletters in the format that they choose.

In addition, CQ lets you administer the newsletter functionality, including maintaining topics, archiving newsletters, and viewing newsletter statistics.


In Geometrixx, the newsletter template automatically opens the email editor. You can use the email editor in other templates that you want to send emails in, for example, invitations. The email editor displays anytime a page is inherited from mcm/components/newsletter/page.

Creating a newsletter

You can create multiple newsletters and within those newsletters you might have different newsletter issues that you edit.

To create a newsletter:

  1. In the Websites tab, navigate to Campaigns and then the web site you want to create a newsletter for.

  2. Select New ... Page.

  3. Enter the name of the newsletter and select the Newsletter Template.

  4. Click Create. The newsletter you created appears in the list of pages in the Websites tab or if you click the MCM, you see it listed under Campaigns as well.


Adding content to newsletters

You can add content, including dynamic content, into your newsletter as you would in any CQ component. In Geometrixx, the Newsletter template has certain components available for adding and modifying content in newsletters.

  1. In the MCM, click the Campaigns tab and click the newsletter you want to add content to or edit. The newsletter opens.

  2. If components are not visible, go to Design view and enable the necessary components (for example, the Newsletter components) before you start editing.

  3. Enter any new text, images, or other components as appropriate. In the Geometrixx example, 4 components are available: Text, Image, Heading, and 2 Columns. Your newsletter may have more or less components depending on how you set it up.


    You personalize newsletters by using variables. In the Geometrixx newsletter, variables are available in the Text component. Values for the variables are inherited from the information in the user profile.

  4. To insert variables, select the variable from the list and click Insert. Variables are populated from the Profile.

Personalizing newsletters

You personalize newsletters by inserting pre-defined variables in the Text component of the newsletters in Geometrixx. Values for the variables are inherited from the information in the user profile.

You can also simulate how a newsletter is personalized by using the clickstream cloud and loading a profile.

To personalize a newsletter and simulate how it will look:

  1. In the MCM, click the newsletter you want to personalize.

  2. Open the Text component you want to personalize.

  3. Place the cursor where you want the variable to appear and select a variable from the drop-down list and click Insert. Do this for as many variables as required and click OK.

  4. To simulate how the variable will look when sent, press CTRL+ALT+c to open the clickstream cloud and select Load. Select the user from the list whose profile you would like to load and click OK.


    The information from the profile you loaded has populated the variables.

Testing newsletters in different email clients

Switch between common e-mail clients to see how your newsletter will look to your leads. By default, your newsletter opens with none of the e-mail clients selected.

Currently, you can view newsletters in the following e-mail clients:

  • Yahoo mail
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Apple Mail

To switch between clients, click the corresponding icon to view the newsletter in that e-mail client:

  1. In the MCM, click the newsletter you want to test.

  2. Click an e-mail client in the top bar to see what the newsletter would look like in that client.

  3. Repeat this step for any additional e-mail clients you want to see.


Customizing newsletter settings

Although only authorized users can send a newsletter, you should customize the following:

  • The subject line, so that users want to open your email and also to ensure that your newsletter will not end up marked as spam.
  • The From address, for example noreply@geometrixx.com, so that users receive e-mail from a specified address.

To customize newsletter settings:

  1. In the MCM, click the newsletter you want to customize settings for.

  2. At the top of the newsletter, click Settings.

  3. Enter the From e-mail address and modify the Subject of the e-mail, if necessary. Click OK. When you test or send the newsletter, recipients will receive e-mails with the specified e-mail address and subject.

Flight testing newsletters

While flight testing is not mandatory, before you send out a newsletter, you may want to test it to be sure it appears the way you want it to.

Flight testing lets you do the following:

  • Look at the newsletter in all intended clients.
  • Validate that the mail server is set up correctly.
  • Determine whether your emai is getting flagged as spam. (Make sure you include yourself in the list of recipients.)

To flight test newsletters:

  1. In the MCM, click the newsletter you want to test and send.

  2. At the top of the newsletter, click Test to test before sending.

  3. Enter the test mail address where you want the newsletter sent and click Send. If you want to change the profile, you load another profile in the clickstream cloud. You do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+c and selecting Load and loading a profile.

Sending newsletters

You can send out a newsletter from either the newsletter or from the list. Both procedures are described.

Sending newsletters from a campaign

To send out a newsletter from within the campaign:

  1. In the MCM, click the newsletter you want to send.



    Before sending out, make sure you have customized your newsletter's subject and originating e-mail address by customizing its settings. Flight testing the newsletter before sending is recommended.

  2. At the top of the newsletter, click Send. The Newsletter wizard opens.

  3. In the recipient's list, select the list you want to receive the newsletter and click Next.

  4. Click Send to send the newsletter.



    Make sure you are one of the recipients so you can ensure the newsletter was received.

Sending newsletters from a list

To send out a newsletter from a list:

  1. In the MCM, click Lists.


    Before sending out, make sure you have customized your newsletter's subject and originating e-mail address by customizing its settings. You cannot test a newsletter if you send it from the list; you can flight test it if you send it from the newsletter.

  2. Select the check box next to the list of leads you want to send a newsletter to.

  3. In the Tools menu, select Send Newsletter. The Send Newsletter window opens.

  4. In the Newsletter field, select the newsletter you want to send and click Next.

  5. Click Send to send the selected newsletter to the specified list of leads.


    Your newsletter is sent to the selected recipients.

Subscribing to a newsletter

This section describes how to subscribe to a newsletter.

Subscribing to a newsletter

To subscribe to a newsletter (using the Geometrixx web site as an example):

  1. Click Websites and navigate to the Geometrixx Toolbar and open it.

  2. In the Geometrixx Newsletter Sign Up field, enter your e-mail address and click Sign Up. You are now subscribed to the newsletter.

Setting up a Newsletter Landing Page

An effective newsletter landing page helps you get as many people as possible to sign up for your newsletter (or other email marketing campaign). You can use the information you gather from your newsletter sign ups to get leads.

To create an effective newsletter landing page, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a list for the newsletter so people can subscribe to the newsletter.
  2. Create the Sign-Up form. When doing this, add a workflow step that automatically adds the person who signs up for the newsletter to your list of leads.
  3. Create a Confirmation page that thanks users for signing up and possibly provides them with a promotion.
  4. Add teasers.

Creating a List for the Newsletter

Create a list, for example, Geometrixx Newsletter, in MCM for the newsletter that people should subscribe to. Creating lists is described in Creating lists.

The following shows an example of a list:


Create a Sign Up Form

Create a newsletter registration form that allows users to subscribe to tags. The sample Geometrixx web site provides a newsletter page in the Geometrixx toolbar where you can create your form.

To create your own newsletter form, see information about creating forms in the Forms documentation. The newsletter uses the tags from the Tag library. To add additional tags, see Tag Administration.

The hidden fields in the following example provide the bare minimum amount of information (e-mail); in addition, you can add more fields later but this will impact the conversion rate.

The following example is a form created at http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/geometrixx/en/toolbar/newsletter.html.

  1. Create the form.

  2. Click Edit in the Form component to configure the form to go to a Thank you page (see Creating Thank You Pages).

  3. Set the Form action (that is what will happen when you submit the form) and configure the group to assign registered users to the list you previously created (for example, geometrixx-newsletter).


Creating a Thank You Page

When users click Subscribe Now, you want a Thank You page to automatically open. Create the Thank You page in the Geometrixx Newsletter page. After creating the Newsletter Form, edit the Form component and add the path to the thank you page.

Submitting the request takes the user to a Thank You page after which they will receive an email. This Thank You page was created at /content/geometrixx/en/toolbar/newsletter/thank_you.


Adding Teasers

Add teasers to target specific audiences. For example, you can add teasers to the Thank You page and Newsletter sign up page.

To add teasers to make an effective newsletter landing page:

  1. Create a teaser paragraph for a sign-up gift. Select First as the strategy and include text that informs them what gift they will receive.

  2. Create a teaser paragraph for the Thank You page. Select First as the strategy and include text that indicates that the gift is on its way.

  3. Create a campaign with the two teasers -- tag one with business and one untagged.

Pushing Content to Subscribers

Push any changes to pages through the Newsletter functionality in the MCM. You then push updated content to subscribers.

See Sending Newsletters.

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